Diet Supplements

If you are committed to losing weight one of the best ways that you can get an advantage for your diet is with the help of a supplement or a diet pill. Diet and weight loss pills have helped thousands of people but there are also plenty of scams available in diet and weight loss pills that promise results even without diet or exercise.

The truth is, in order for most diet pills to work, it’s extremely important that they are combined with healthy lifestyle choices like exercise and improved dietary decisions.

“Most diet pills work because they activate a number of mechanisms within our bodies.”

Generally the focus of the diet pill is to increase our ability to burn calories, to reduce the absorption of nutrients like fat which makes us absorb fewer calories into our body as well as appetite reduction meeting that our body will naturally crave fewer calories and require less calories to feel sated. Any of these options work remarkably well for aiding in weight loss especially when combined with other healthy choices.

Rather than potentially setting yourself up with a scam diet pill that simply acts as a placebo, you should consider some of the most popular weight loss pills and diet supplements such as these:

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia Extract: This product was first featured in 2012 on the Dr. Oz show and it became extremely popular after that. The extract comes from a small pumpkin shaped fruit which is also green. The unique thing about this natural ingredient is that the extract contains an extreme amount of hydroxy citric acid.  Hydroxy citric acid can actually inhibit the enzymes which produce fat in our body as well as improve our levels of serotonin which can reduce our cravings for food and allow us to eat less in the way of portions. In a study conducted using this extract it was estimated that most users were able to experience a 2 pound weight loss over several weeks with minimal chance of side effects. The only true side effects that this natural supplement actually produces is some minor digestive problems for people adjusting to the supplement.


Phentermine: Phen 375 is a dietary supplement that does generally require a prescription. If you are in a condition where you need to lose weight as a result of a medical issue, this could be an excellent option that your doctor could prescribe to you. Although this substance is chemical in nature it includes an appetite suppressant and a metabolism booster. Rather than many diet and supplement products that focus on one mechanism for improving weight loss, this clinical option provides too. There are minimal side effects with this product which costs around $59.99 per month. It also contains caffeine in every dose allowing you to have a bit of extra power and energy for working out and enjoying exercise. In some special cases you can find versions of this supplement which are available without a prescription in their generic form.


Hydroxycut: Hydroxycut stands as one of the most popular weight loss supplements in the world because it’s been around for over 10 years. This clinically proven supplement comes in many different versions but the main one that is commonly taken is simply referred to under the brand name. This product works by increasing energy with the help of added caffeine as well as several plant extracts which can help to provide appetite suppression. With the help of an improved diet and exercise program this supplement has been shown to provide weight loss of up to 21 pounds over three months. Due to the excess amount of caffeine in this supplement however sometimes people can see issues with overanxious behavior if they are generally caffeine sensitive.

Green tea extract

Green tea extract: A green tea extract has been shown to contain some excellent ingredients for weight loss and its commonly found in many supplements. Green tea is known for its antioxidant effects including the massive amounts of EGCG which is been proven to aid in fat burning support. Regularly taking green tea extract has been shown to elevate levels of norepinephrine which is a hormone that generates fat burning ability. Through numerous clinical studies of green tea extract people can experience very little in the way of negative feedback symptoms as well as target fat buildup especially in belly fat areas. Additional improvements to skin care and anti-aging also come from regularly taking green tea extract.

D4 Thermal shock

D4 Thermal shock: Cellucor makes a thermogenic metabolism booster, appetite suppressant and diet pill. The way that this product works is by raising your body’s temperature lightly as well as increasing your metabolism to generate some amazing fat fighting qualities. This item contains caffeine and can be sold in a two month supply for $69.99. This item does cause some side effects however because it can raise body temperature as well as drastically improve metabolism. Many weight lifters and performance athletes generally tend to use this diet pill during their cutting phases so that they can continue to make lean gains while improving their fat cutting process. This is definitely one to proceed on with caution but results with thermogenic metabolism boosters are perhaps some of the most dramatic in the early stages of weight loss. If you start to notice side effects however it’s important to discontinue use.

If you are looking for a helping hand in your fat fighting process, any of these top supplements or diet pills would definitely allow you to improve your progress.