One of the best ways to lose weight can actually come from exercises which include Pilates. Pilates workouts are usually some of the best calorie burning workouts because they involve a lot of sweat, a lot of improvements to movement as well as specialization in strength and muscle training as well. By using small muscle groups across the body and regularly completing one of these work outs, you can ensure a much better quality of life.

Unlike some other fitness solutions, you can enjoy doing Pilates without access to any kind of equipment. You just need your body weight for resistance . To begin you will just need some towels and a hardwood floor or yoga mat in your home. If going to the gym is intimidating and you are interested in getting the most out of your in home workout, you should strongly consider giving some of these exercises a try.

The best moves to use when starting to lose weight with Pilates:


Pilates Move

The 100

The 100 is probably one of the best ways to get your heart rate up during Pilates. It can be difficult for many beginners to take this move on because it involves quite a serious ab workout. To get started with this exercise bring both legs into your chest  and curl your head and chest upwards. Place your knees directly above your hips  and hold your arms behind your thighs to curl your body upwards. Place your arms at your sides directly above your abdomen and start pumping your arms between 5 to 8 inches up and down while you breathe out for 5 seconds and inhale for 5 seconds. Try to repeat this motion at least 10 times and you will have completed 100  of the move. If you are having great difficulty completing all 100 of this exercise is part of your warm-up set, you can instead consider doing 50 or even 75 to work your way up to it. Inhale for five counts and exhale for five counts as you are completing the exercise and notice just how much your ab muscles feel engaged as you breathe.

Pilates Workout

Plank pike

A client pike involves the idea of going down in a plank position on your feet and your hands. The goal is to keep the balls of your feet on a towel or on a yoga mat. Do what you can to keep your feet as close as possible together and to squeeze your inner thighs, abs glutes and more. Inhaling and exhaling slowly and lifting your body from the lower abs will really help you to stretch out the muscles. Begin to bring your feet towards your hands and try to pull your hips up into a full pike position. Work at keeping your feet as close together as possible and try to keep your shoulder blades pulled towards the ground as you move up into this position. As you finish the pike position move your way back into a plank and finished the rap with a push-up. By taking extra time to hold this move and try to spend at least four seconds in each position it’s possible to complete around six full repetitions in a minute. Taking time will really strengthen the muscles and improve the amount of calorie burn possible from the exercise.

Tease Pike

By starting in the plank position on your hands and feet, get your feet resting on top of a towel again on a hardwood floor. Try to cross your left foot over your right or your right foot over your last and then move your toes towards the wall so that you can sit on the sides of both of your feet. Keep your shoulders squared directly against the wall in front of you and try to raise your hips by dragging your feet into the pike position. When you reach the top of your pike move your feet into the starting position by pushing back and repeat the movements for 1 min. at a time. Try to keep each movement at least 4 seconds long so that you can improve the strength and conditioning of the muscles. Do not let your shoulders dropped during any part of this move and make sure that your upper body remains in place. If you can, strengthen your muscles even further by squeezing together your inner thighs as you start to pick up during the exercise. Continue these for at least 1 min. and try to fit in 5-6 in the full set.

Roll Like a Ball Pilates Move

The ball roll

The ball roll is an excellent way that you can stretch out your back muscles as well as continue working your abs. The goal is to engage all of your core muscles with this move but the good news is your spine will help you to keep the right form. This can be extremely beneficial for many beginners. To start the exercise begin seated with your feet pointed and knees bent. Move your hands to the back of each thigh and work it lifting up your legs while keeping your knees a shoulder length apart. Put your head in between your knees and inhale then exhale to find your balance. Begin rocking back to your shoulder tips and then moving your body back up balancing throughout the movement. Repeat the move 5 times while remembering to breathe in and breathe out at 4 seconds each time.

Consider some of these top Pilates exercises that you can complete at home and try each one of them so that you can improve not only your core strength but assist with weight loss as well.