Lemon Water

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to encourage your own weight loss is by making a glass of lemon water a part of your morning ritual. After all, it is well known that lemon-infused water will help you lose weight fast.

Well, unfortunately for those who have made this a near religious-like ritual every morning, a lot of dietitians and doctors have now started to say that lemon water is not going to help your body automatically start shedding fat.

Dietitians are now starting to be a little more open about what seemed like common sense for a lot of people: No beverage (alone) is going to make you slim down. However, there are, in fact, some beverages that when added to healthy lifestyles can truly add to your weight loss efforts.

While lemon water might not do the trick, here are three beverages that are much more effective at helping you lose weight:

Green Tea for Fat burning

Green Tea

The list of benefits of green tea is nearly endless, starting with the fact that the tea is calorie free and helps encourage fat burning in your system, all of which leads to helping you lose weight. In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, it was found that people who drank four cups of green tea each day for two months found that they lost an average of six more pounds when compared to people in the study who only drank plain water. When it comes to green tea, you need to make sure you stick to fresh, hot brewed tea with zero additives, because these versions of green tea has a high combination of catechin antioxdants and caffeine, and do not have added sugar or unregulated supplements added to it.

Burn More Calories With Coffe


While everyone knows you should stay away from energy drinks, natures energy drink is a beverage that is a must consume when trying to lose weight. There has been plenty of research that shows that two to three cups of coffee before a workout can help encourage you to work out longer, and harder than a non-coffee fueled workout. This means that drinking coffee at the proper time can help you burn more calories. So, making coffee a part of your morning ritual, instead of lemon water, can help encourage a lifestyle that is more conducive for losing weight. Of course, make sure to drink your coffee black, since adding cream or sugar is just going to be undoing all of the benefits of the coffee.

Ice Cold Water

Ice Water

Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. When it comes to beverages that can help you lose weight, water is at the top of this lift. However, skip on the lemon-infusion, or squeezing lemon juice into your water in the morning. Instead, drop a handful of ice into your glass. Cold beverages have scientifically been proven to kick-start your body, and encourage it to use more energy in order to keep itself at it preferred 95.6 degrees. Because of this, studies have shown that starting your day off with a 24-oz glass of cold, cold ice water, and having at least three more throughout your day can help encourage your body to burn up to 100 extra calories than it would otherwise. With these calorie burning bonuses, drinking three glasses of ice cold water a day can help you lose up to an extra 10lbs over the course of a year. Add that to the weight loss tactics of a healthy lifestyle, and it might just be the extra kick you need.