Fat Burning

When you are focused on burning fat while continuing to improve your muscle definition it is important to follow a rigorous diet and exercise routine to look and feel your absolute best. When you want to target fat across your body and turn it into lean muscle or just improve the look of your frame, there are some great tips that you can follow so that you can focus on eliminating fat deposits.

Here are some top rules to implement into your own diet and exercise routine that you can use to eliminate fat while really improving your definition and power:

Remember it’s a process:

Many people start a diet program by immediately cutting off all of their calories and going down to a lean diet that offers potentially even thousands of calories less than what their bodies used to.

“Gutting your calorie intake immediately will only put your body into a huge level of starvation and low energy level.”

Work at reducing the amount of calories that you intake regularly to get your metabolism to a manageable level. Start by reducing your calorie intake every week to two weeks eventually moving towards a clean diet. This will give your body enough time to adjust and make sure that you have plenty of energy that you need from clean food.

Keep cheat days in mind:

The biggest problem that many people facing losing fat is the dreaded plateau. Spending a few days varying your caloric intake or even just having one day a week where you can eat anything that you want will make sure that your metabolism can normalize.

Rather than consistently starving yourself every day, your body can avoid lowering your overall metabolic rate bringing you to that plateau of diet and exercise fat loss. Eating higher calories on just a few days or even one day a week will help to keep your leptin levels at a high which will ensure that your metabolism never reaches a low level and that you can continue making forward progress.

Weight Training

Use weight training:

One of the fastest ways to burn fat is to add resistance training. Resistance training with weights will really help you to burn more calories each day. Unlike cardio or aerobics, weight training will continue to help you burn calories for potentially 39 hours after your workout has taken place.

“As you continue to build muscle mass, your body will also be burning more calories after each workout.”

If you want to improve the definition of your body while quickly losing body fat you need to combine both resistance training and cardio training together.

Use fat to your advantage in diet

Getting good fats into your diet such as the fats that can be found in nuts, peanut butter, olive oil, fish oil, egg yolks and more, you can improve your health. Adding these good fats and your diet will help you with workout recovery, building muscle as well as losing weight fast. The good news about many of these facts is that they will go into muscle fuel rather than get simply stored into your body as saggy lumps of bad fats.

Avoid The Scale

Avoid hitting the scale:

It can be really tempting to check what the scale says almost every single day. Even if you are sticking to your program and keeping up with exercise and diet, your wait is likely going to be fluctuating all the time. Even if you are losing fat you could be building 2 to 3 extra pounds of muscle which can really make it difficult to know just how your progress is going.

Instead of using the scale as an indicator consider how will your clothing fits, how well you are feeling and the energy levels that you have as an indicator of how your progress is going. Use the improvements you’ve made in training to generate motivation rather than looking at a number on the scale!

Start spreading out your meals:

Most athletes eat between 6-8 meals a day rather than 2-3 spreading out your meals so that nutrients are available to your body for improving your energy levels and metabolism is important.

Spreading out meals throughout the day this much will help to make sure that your metabolic rate as you are sleeping also improves. This can take a bit more preparation but you will be amazed at the improvements you can see in your weight loss and in your energy levels.

High Intensity Interval Training

Consider HIIT:

High intensity interval training is one of the best ways that you can quickly lose fat. In crossfit style workouts and circuit workouts which include high intensity exercise with very brief rest periods, you can start to see some amazing results in just a short amount of time. Some of the best methods that you can use for exercise might be doing jump squatting intervals, jump rope in intervals or even push-ups and situps.

Doing exercises as fast as you can for 10 to 20 seconds followed by 30 seconds of a slower pace then going back into a new interval with a rest were really help you to improve the efficiency of your workout and the efficiency of your fat burning. Get started with a moderate cardio workout and then start on HIIT to finish your training session.

Keep some of these top tips in mind for improving the way you burn fat and working to accomplish your goals much faster in weight loss. Remember that weight loss is a process and by combining some of these top tips and sticking to your diet and exercise program, you can see amazing results!